Thursday, November 25, 2021

 Happy Thanksgiving!

We wish you all Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for volunteering, donations and support for HHD.
We had a successful year with your help so far. I really appreciate for your kindness, care and support in helping HHD to grow. It's a blessing to work together to achieve HHD's mission for the deaf community.

Please keep your faith in and support  HHD as we continue in serving the deaf community.

Faith has won our victory. (Romans 8:28-30),
“All things, yes, everything has already been declared as a ‘victory’ for us, according to His Word. We have only to believe this,” as emphasized by Rev. Melton. “The ‘victorious battle of faith’ has already been won by our placing our faith in Him.  He has already said, it is in knowing ‘His victory’ also has been given to us who are His.”

If you want to volunteer, please apply for it online Your volunteering will be much appreciated.

Kindest Regards,

Meskel Crowe, Director
Helping Hands for the Deaf (HHD)