Thursday, October 29, 2020

 October 26, 2020


Hello! Stay warm as the weather is getting colder. For some of us, fall is the favorite time of the year. Some of us do enjoy the fall.

Attached is the report for October. It lists the accomplishments of what HHD did during that month. HHD is still getting many calls for help and it is hard to keep up with new clients every month.  

May God bless HHD for its contribution to the community and clients. 

Meskel Crowe
President of HHD

Working day on Saturday

Thank you so much for taking your time. Four volunteers helped a deaf client for cleaning up at

her apartment for four solid hours. What a blessing! They sacrificed their time to help this deaf

client who had health issues. That massive clean-up effort cannot be done without their help.

These four volunteers cleaned out all kitchen cabinets and washed all dishes. Hence, all clean

dishes were placed inside the cabinets. All kitchen countertop and refrigerator were cleaned out.

Moreover, they cleaned out the dining room, living room, bedrooms and bathroom. It was a real

blessing that the deaf client was able to move around in her wheelchair. Before the clean – up,

the deaf client could not move about at all and she was also confined to her couch. Her papers

were all picked up, sorted and filed in the proper order. All clothes were folded and placed them

in boxes. She was thrilled to see her apartment so clean and she had the freedom to move around

in her wheelchair. Also, the other client was able to sleep on the lazy man chair without any

clutter around that chair. What a joy it was for the client to have these selfless volunteers to clean

up her whole apartment and then she was able to move about. She was smiling ear to ear!

The other volunteer has been teaching one deaf/blind and another deaf clients how to read and

write in the English language.