Friday, November 17, 2017

Belk Charity Day gratitude

Thank you for organizing and helping volunteers to work on the Belk Charity Day. That enabled
them to collect all donations which will be distributed evenly to all participating organizations.
You did a great job in allocating time slots for volunteers to come to Belk over the past few
weeks so that they were able to raise funds for their charity. A Charity Day was a huge success!
I am aware that it was a lot of work to make it possible, but you did a wonderful job in keeping
the Charity Day running smoothly. You made a valuable contribution to the success of our
organization, Helping Hands for the Deaf (HHD). We can't do anything without your support. We
look forward to work with you all again as a team for deaf community as well as other
communities in Georiga.
Thank you!
Meskel Crowe
Helping Hands for the Deaf (HHD)

Monday, August 28, 2017

 We had a great time at Panola Mountain Park! There were people all ages, deaf and hearing, students and interpreters, all together meeting each other and renewing old friendships. Mary Catherine cooked some great burgers and hot dogs. Plus Meskel gave out door prizes from restaurants in the area.  It was fun to chat and some people went on a hike while others played on the playground.  Thank you everyone who participated! We want to do it again next August!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Another HHD success story

Hi Friends, I wanted to let you know of another HHD success story.  A lady came to us in need of a place to live and we found an affortable apartment for her close to her place of work.  She can even walk to work which is great for her situation!!  We are glad to be a part of HHD and working to help Deaf and Hard of Hearing people life safely and be successful.

HHD continues to tutor people

As you may know, Nathan tutors a deaf man who immigrated to America with his family from Syria every Tuesday. Juilee, a lady from the New American Pathways, came to interview us. That lady in the far left side is Juilee. The second one from the left is Page Love Smith, the coordinator who introduced Meskel and me to Marwan, a deaf man who fled from Syria. The next two ladies are Rebecca and Araz. They are the former refugees from other countries. Next is the man who arrived in America in April 2017 from Kenya after fleeing from Somalia. The last man on the right is Marwan.

Picnic in the Park 8/26 11am-3pm

Come support HHD at our "Picnic in the Park" this Saturday!  We'll be at Panola Mountain State Park. We'll be grilling hamburgers and hot dogs in an effort to raise money for HHD. Contact Susan Holly for more information!