Friday, November 1, 2019

HHD Thanksgiving dinner

We are looking forward to having a Thanksgiving feast with you on Wednesday November 27.

We hope you can bring a covered dish/dessert to add to the festivities, but even if you can't bring anything we still hope you can come join the HHD family event!

Saturday, September 28, 2019

HHD helps deaf get citizenship

We are pleased to announce that Sun is now a citizen of the United states of America!  HHD helped her achieve her goal...we are so proud of you, Sun!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Fun picnic

We had a wonderful picnic at Clark park. We finally found the right location and it wasn't too hot.  It was fun seeing new friends and old ones too...

Click here for more pictures

Friday, August 16, 2019

Picnic in the park

Hi friends, We are having our annual Picnic in the Park on
September 14 from
10 am to 1 pm at
Clark Park (wheel chair accessable)
1110 Davis Rd
Stockbridge, GA
Pavilion D
Hot dogs and Hamburgers for a donation of $6 to $8 with side items and drinks and dessert.

See the flyer for more information!  Please bring a friend and let us know if you can come!

Hope to see you there!

Prayer request

Hello everyone,
Hopefully, you had a wonderful weekend. Oh, I missed hugging Stephanie yesterday. I pray for Stephanie and love her. 
Just let you know that Jozsef's fiance, Nancy, is in the hospital. She has a kidney failure and She is in a very serious health situation.
Jozsef asked me that only Nathan and I can visit and pray with her at the hospital. So please pray for her . God bless you and love you all.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Stone mountain picnic

We had a great time at Stone Mountain in July. We enjoyed our friends and met some new friends!

Monday, February 25, 2019

New home for deaf man

We are so pleased to inform you that Douglas has a new home in a city east of Alanta. 

Douglas came from another state and struggled to find a home. He was basically homeless for a while and we found him a temporary where he made some good friends quickly. He hated to leave them, but is glad to have a new residence in a safe place with the accommodations he needs...yay HHD and thank God for answering our prayers!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Update from the HHD Director

Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for volunteers, donations, encouragement, and using the facilities for events.
Your hard work made HHD a success in 2018! We were also invited to give presentations about

I got messages from the same client almost every day. Sometimes, I responded when I was at the
office. One day, I made an appointment for the meeting with that client and I advised that client
on how to keep busy. That was to find something to do in order to keep busy. That was a heart to
heart talk with that client. Looking out through the window, I saw the hiring sign on the building
that was being renovated. The hiring sign had a phone number on it. I copied the phone number
and gave it to that client. I asked that client to do homework by calling that phone number for an
interview. The manager answered and made an appointment for an interview. That client was
encouraged to figure out how to get an interpreter for the interview. I reminded the client that it
was important to understand the interviewer and not miss out anything during the interview
through the interpreter. I prayed with that person. I challenged the client to learn and handle the
arrangement for the interview. I empowered the client to do the work by herself.
The bible story about David and Goliath inspired me and I want to share it with you. When he
was young, David wanted to challenge Goliath because Goliath was defying against God. King
Saul tried to help David by giving him the armor, helmet and shield, but they were too big for
him. David didn’t give up. He still wanted to fight Goliath. He only needed a sling and picked up
five stones. He trusted in God to help him win the battle against Goliath! He showed an active
faith that gave a powerful testimony!

Although we helped a deaf client to fill out the Naturalization application, we realized that there
was a lot of paper to work on after the principles were changed. Finally, we sent them after they
were completed. Now, the application is being processed.

New clients applied to HHD for help in finding a place to live and in applying for Naturalization,

Some deaf clients still struggle in communicating with their doctors without an interpreter.
Hence, we always encourage them to request for an interpreter. Don’t be afraid to ask. That’s
their right to request for interpreters when they go to see the doctor. It is hard for some deaf
clients to read because of their usher’s syndrome. That’s why they become discouraged.

Please pray that the Lord will provide HHD a building as an emergency shelter. If you want to
donate to HHD, please send your check to HHD by mail or go to the HHD website and donate
there. Donation can be made online at

Have a wonderful blessing this year!

Meskel Crowe, Director

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Chili Cook-off coming up on 3/23/19

Hi Friends, We are looking forward to our Annual Chili Cook-off on March 23 from 11a.m. to 3 p.m.  It will be held at Crueselle Freeman Church of the Deaf  1304 Allene Ave S.W. Atlanta, Ga
We ask that you donate $5 for the supplies and please bring $1 bills to vote on your favorite chilis.  If you are interested in making some chili, please contact Susan Holly at and also let us know if you can come so we are sure to have enough food.   Other things we need are desserts, (we especially love cookies) sour cream, cheese, biscuits. and gift cards.  Anything would be appreciated!!!