Wednesday, February 15, 2017

HHD helping a deaf Syrian refugee learn ASL

In January Meskel Crowe, CEO of Helping Hands for the Deaf (HHD), began tutoring a deaf man from Syria.  When they met he communicated to her that he fled the war in Syria with his wife and children. 

Meskel said that at first it was very difficult to communicate with him.  A friend of hers familiar with Arabic and English helps her as she teaches him ASL signs.  Meskel is also using an English/Arabic dictionary to communicate with the man.  And the Syrian man's wife is also helping in the communication process. 

Soon this man will be able to communicate with Americans in ASL!

This is what HHD is about - helping the deaf learn and enabling them to get out there and help others.  A great success for us to share about what HHD is doing in the metro Atlanta community. 

If you meet this man and his family be sure and welcome them to America.  And tell others about HHD!