Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Hello! Happy Holidays! and Happy New Year!

Hello! Happy Holidays! and Happy New Year!
What a blessing! Hooray! In November, we were able to help a deaf/blind client move his stuff to a new home. It was a rainy and foggy day. It took us two days to move his stuff. It was not easy for him to decide which stuff he wanted to keep and which stuff he wanted to get rid of. When we were moving his stuff, we traveled in two cars and a truck that a volunteer helped us with. Now, this deaf/blind client is happy with his new home. He is at an assisted living facility where he is taken care of. This place provides three meals a day plus transportation for him. I am thankful for volunteers for their patience. Please pray for the volunteer and the new resident.  We are all relieved and glad that our client has someone to take good care of him!
Due to frequent delays, we had to cancel our annual Thanksgiving Eve Dinner on Wednesday, November 21. The manager at a restaurant said, “There isn’t enough time to order and prepare food for catering for this dinner.” Two years ago, we ordered the catering service three weeks ahead of time. It went well. We will do better pre planning for the next Thanksgiving. Sorry if there was any inconvenience for anyone.
We encourage ourselves to keep working together as a team.
A case manager from Grady Hospital called and asked me if we have a room available for a homeless deaf client after surgery. That was an urgent request. Another homeless deaf client stopped at a Well Fargo Bank and asked for help to find a place to sleep. A staff at Well Fargo called me for an advice on how to find a place for that person to stay.
A deaf client visited us. That person was a very socially isolated person. Hence, that client had a very low communication skill and avoided meeting with any people. We knew that this person really needed to develop better social skills. Nathan and I decided to sit and communicated with that person. We encouraged that client on how to communicate with friends at church, events, and through videophone and emails. We chatted with that person for about four hours. Nathan was surprised to see how poor that person communicated. Example: that person repeated the same sentence for like six or eight times. We supported and encouraged that person to get involved in social activities which would improve this person’s communication skills.
We like to share verses with you. These verses give us inspiration to serve and help others. Amen!
 "And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." (Matthew 25: 40,45)
Please pray that the Lord will provide a place for HHD with an office, an emergency shelter and some rooms for classes.
Have a wonderful blessing on your Holiday Days!
Meskel Crowe, Director
Helping Hands for the Deaf (HHD)