Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Reap What You Sow

I would like to share my short story with you. I reminisced about what my dad said to me, “I
know you will help other people who need help and other country, too (after I became deaf).”
My respond was, “Dad, how do you know?” He said, “I can see that your heart is bigger than

When I was young, I gave my leftover food to a homeless man often. One day, a man came
back and asked for food at our house. My mom said, “Sorry! There is no more left-over food for
you.” Somehow, I happened to be eating and looked up to my mom. I was lipreading mom
while she was talking to that man. Then he walked away. I stood up and ran with my unfinished
delicious food on the dish to that man at the gate outside. I yelled out to him, “Come! Here is
food for you.”

That’s how my dad learned about me. I wish I could see him often before he passed away. I still
miss him…. I try to make my long story short.

In Stockbridge, my husband, my son and I drove by the woman standing on the corner with five
children holding the sign. Her sign said, “We are evicted. Need a home. Please help.” I saw that
single hearing woman with 5 kids on the street. They are homeless! I asked my husband,
“Please go back there.” I asked them while my son was speaking to them for me,” How can I
help you?” A homeless woman said, “We need a place to stay and we need food.” My answer
was, “I don’t have a place and food for you, but I have resources where I can refer you to.” I
gave her my office phone number and tract, so she can contact me for help. The Lord led me to
not only serving the deaf community, but helping hearing homeless people, too. They come in
all walks of life. They are precious in the sight of the Lord.

I participated in His Name Food Pantry as a volunteer with Donna, CEO for more than three
years when my children were growing up in the elementary school. Then I founded the Helping
Hands for the Deaf (HHD) organization. I also shared the bible study and prayers with deaf
female inmates for 10 years, and I had been involved ministry since 1986. That was a great
experience and opportunity to help one other.

If you have talents to help raise funds by hosting the walk-a-thon, write for grants, or donate
the building and land to HHD, repair water leaks, remodel (deaf clients) or something like that,
please volunteer for HHD. We all serve the community with God given talents. Please use your
God given talents to help others. In Acts 20:35, Paul quotes Jesus as saying, "It is more blessed
to give than receive." HHD’s goal is to purchase a permanent building with office, education (tutoring how to read and write and teach American Sign Language (ASL)) and temporary
shelters. That’s what God gave me this vision.

A good team is where people work together well. Then HHD will be a success.

Thank you,
Meskel Crowe
Helping Hands for the Deaf